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How to get the best out of agile methods by keeping the big picture in mind.

Almost any modern organization can benefit from agile methods when done right. They enable much faster results. Yet simply moving at high speed isn’t good enough - you still need to understand where you want to go, and you still need to figure out the quickest way there. That’s where the architect comes into play.

All well-established agile methods allow for the architectural point of view. However, quite often teams fail to get it in play appropriately. From what I see, that’s predominantly a problem of culture or lack of experience, resulting in solutions that don’t integrate into the proposed environment or the cycle failing to deliver anything viable at all.

When defining the method and the roles of any agile team, remember to also define the architectural view when needed, including its responsibility (e.g. aligning the goals of the current cycle with strategy or assuring the solution design is consistent with the solution architecture). Then you need to assign a person with enough skill, experience and the guts to vouch for the overall picture. 
In the end, it’s all about creating a result consistent with the overall strategy, otherwise the whole cycle is likely to be just a waste of time. 

Jürgen Hein

Co-Founder, CEO. Berät Führungskräfte und Unternehmer*innen weltweit, strukturiert Chaos, navigiert Komplexität, zeigt Wege auf, gibt als Speaker Impulse zu modernen Führungskonzepten sowie zu Digitalisierung in den Bereichen „Verwaltung“, „Recruiting, Coaching und Training“ oder „Sourcing“.